There are several reasons for a given product to reach the end of its life cycle, including market demands, product evolution, technological innovation, component availability and change in the development project in search of improvement.

Abbreviation table:

End-of-life landmarks Description
EOL (End of Life) EOL deals with the end-of-life of a particular product, be it hardware, service or software.
EOS (End of Sales) EOS indicates an expected date for sales to occur after EOL announcement is sent.
EOFS (End of Full Support) EOFS is the end date for support with problem fixes via release of new software, but until the EOSS the customer continues to count on the support for questions and assistance to the contours of any problems.
EOSS (End of Service & Support) EOSS is the end date of the product support cycle, but documentation will continue to be available on Furukawa's website.
Warranty Furukawa products have a one-year warranty from the date of issue of the invoice.
Technical Assistance Furukawa will provide technical assistance options for any repairs for up to five years after product discontinuity.



Furukawa aims to make this transition as best as we can for both customers and channels, and provide maximum visibility based on consumer expectations.
Furukawa's EOL Policy applies to hardware, software and services. In addition, it contains information about the requirements necessary for this end of cycle to occur generating the least possible impact for our customers and partners.

Project Milestones

The discontinuity announcement of an item typically occurs six (6) months before the end-of-sale (EOS) date. EOS determines the date of the end of marketing of the product (hardware, software or service), safeguarding the appropriate exceptions, which may occur according to any availability of stock. Such communication is on the website Furukawalatam.com on the product page. We suggest regular visits to the site, as it is the official channel of information about the end-of-life program of Furukawa products.

1. EOS

  • The date forecast of the last shipment/billing for the customer is typically three (3) months after the EOS date.


  • One (1) year for software support, including technical support, bug fixes, small maintenance releases, workarounds, and patches for critical bugs;
  • One (1) year for hardware problem from the date of product billing;
  •  One (1) year for ticket opening on Furukawa's support site for bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, or patches for critical bugs.


  •  Three (3) years of EOSS for ONTs;
  •  Five (5) years of EOSS for OLTs;
  •  One (1) year of EOSS for the X-MIMO radio line;
  •  Three (3) years of EOSS for radio line AW-2200-3C and AW-1500-3A.

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